"Just showing up could be all it takes to be successful."
as stated by my dad

Eric Huang Fellow at Venture for America

Learning how to be an entrepeneur as part of the Venture for America fellowship. Background in user experience design at places like SugarCRM. Practitioner of PC gaming and squash.

My value statement

I'm a weird person. I fully acknowledge that nothing about me is really normal. In fact, I treasure the fact that I am so different. It's because I am so weird that I am able to believe in my ideals. Strange people go on to change the world because they are able to place themselves outside the mainstream train of thought. I don't believe in money, self-respect, or other surface level conditions. I do everything in my life because I want to make a difference, the largest difference possible. I aim to leave behind a legacy that I can be proud of, that my family can be proud of, and that anyone in the world could be proud of. I need to change the world, to make it a better place where I would be happy to live there.

My life tenets

  1. Be different. Weird people can see what others cannot, and therefore can act upon that.

  2. Stay unhappy and unsatisfied. Without self-respect and satisfaction, I have to continue to improve and take action.

  3. Family is important. I will take care of the ones closest to me, as they will take care of me when no one else can.

  4. Stay ignorant. Life is an ongoing education, I always know there are others who are better than me.

  5. Break all of the rules. Rules were created to constrain thought and freedom, true creativity and innovation comes only when I can define my own fate and beliefs.

  6. Be honest. Without honesty and integrity, nothing I create or believe is worth anything to anyone.

Things to do

  1. Finish a new personal website.

    You're looking at it!

  2. Finish business plan for WifiEverywhere.

  3. Create and develop three videos for YouTube.

    X-COM: Enemy Unknown Movie Trailer, Driving Across America, and Far Cry Explosive Classical.

  4. Write and submit an Observer Viewpoint article.

  5. Record family history.